- Power Distribution Board
- Motor Control Center
- Process Control Panel
- Relay & Interlock Panel
- Protective Relay Panel
- Instrument Panel
- Control Console & Desk
- Mimic Display (with spot illumination)
- Lighting Board
- Feeder Pillar Local
- Control Station
- Bus Duct
- Junction Box

Salient cutting edge features

We offer sufficient flexibility in design to the customer to suit their critical needs like double front operations, non compartmentalized constructions, L-shaped constructions, extension panel and such others.

As a routine features care is taken during design to the ensure adequate maintenance facility and cable termination arrangement in all board and panels.

Quality Control is a continuous process in the manufacturing unit. The Inspection Engineer carries out stage inspection during manufacturing and also final inspection and test on finished products.

Type Tests for Short Circuit strength at 50KA for 1Sec, and Temp. Rise at rated current on typical bus-bars were successfully done at CPRI, Bangalore and CPRI, Bhopal.

Type Test on enclosure for Degree of protection IP-55 and IP-65 at ERTL, Kolkata and CPRI, Bhopal.


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