The tougher the challenge the more rewarding the experience. That's the belief that's helped us tackle some of the most demanding client requirements and execute landmark projects.

Turnkey Electricals for UBM & Rail Mill

Refurbishing installation, testing and comissioning of electrical equipment of Universal Beam & Rail Rolling Plant at Raigarh for Jindal Steel & Power Limited. Always on the technological frontline, Hindustan Controls and Equipment in 2002 completed yet another ambitious projects in its history of excellence. HCE in the August of 2002 set up the entire electrical system of a 0.5 million tones rolling mill in Raigarh, Chattisgarh. This landmark HCE project is destined to revolutionise the Indian Railways in terms of speed and reduction of mishaps.

Turnkey sub-station projects from 6.6 KV to 132KV

For last three decades Hindustan Controls & Equipment have acquired considerable credibility in installing sub- stations on turnkey basis for many Doordarshan Kendras, All India Radio Stations and Videsh Sancher Nigam Limited located in the eastern part of the country. 2002 once again saw Hindustan Controls & Equipment at the pinnacle of their success.It was a year when HCE was credited with the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 11 KV sub-station equipment (VCBand other accessories) at Bharatpur, Simara and Purwanipur sub-station in Nepal. HCE also supplied and installed 132 KV Circuit Breaker, Isolators and Relay Control Protection system for Lamki sub-station with related Civil works.

Sewerage Pumping Station - Metro Railway , Kolkata

Kolkata is three-century-old city where commuting has always been a severe problem. Ancient and rather unplanned roadways added chaos to confusion. It was decided that best way to confront this problem was the installation of the Metro Railways but running of underground railways would required perfectly safe and functional drainage pumping system. The automatic drainage pumping system was completely constructed by Hindustan Controls & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. The problem is rather complicated. It involved the construction of a drainage system in a centuries old city whose underground was mayhem of pipelines, sewerage (lines), telephones and electrical lines and ruins of old houses. Further the tunnel being far below the surface with a tidal river running alongside, drainage becomes serious problem. The drainage pumping system had to be fully automatic and fail safe. And today because of it, people can commute via the metro Railways for whom it is undoubtedly the lifeline.

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Electrostatic Precipitator installation at Sharjah Cement, UAE

In 1981 Flakt India Ltd. entrusted the job of completion of a major pollution Control Project at Sharjah, UAE to Hindustan Controls & Equipment. The project involved complete installation of the electrical system. HCE designed, manufactured, supplied and installed remote control desk, control panels, distribution boards and other equipments for the electrostatic precipitators (ESP) at Sharjah Cement Factory, UAE. The mission was yet another milestone for Hindustan Controls & Equipment.

Drinking Water Pumping Stations for KMDA

The drinking water system in Kolkata was built during the British era. The sole pumping station at Tala had been supplying drinking water till 1980 to the expanding urban areas of Kolkata.

In order to overcome this inadequacy, Hindustan Controls & Equipment was called in to develop solutions for drinking water that would be effective and plausible for a metropolis as large and intense as Kolkata.

The river water being tidal in nature and as it rises up to a height of 16-20 feet, quite a portion is bound to be wasted.

Auckland Square pumping Station and Subodh Mallick Square Pumping Station was consequently conceived by the KMDA and constructed and commissioned by the Hindustan Controls & Equipment. The pumping Stations were successfully implemented and engineered by HCE

The Engineering achievement was noteworthy and met the latest state of the art international standards .

This system not only made up for the fall in water pressure at the consumer points but also made up for most of the supply shortage of water in Greater Kolkata. A newspaper article published then captioned the event as "the sound of water and children's laughter". This has singularly been one of the greatest heartfelt tributes that HCE earned from a project that helped to built in the essence of life in the city.

Renewable Energy - Solar and Wind

Comprehensive solutions in the field of wind and solar energy include:

1. Supply of Wind Turbine, Solar Photo Voltaic Panels, Charge Controllers, Inverters and Distribution Hardware.

2. Computerised design of sub-modules and installation guidelines.

3. Turn-key commissioning and maintenance.

Geographical Information System and SCADA

HCE has pioneered the Integration of Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Geographical Information System (GIS) through the development of proprietory softwares and gateways.

The engineering world of PLC and SCADA is depicted in the visual platform of a topology unique to the industry. Each and every instrument can be mapped in scale and has a provision of registering the same with respect to the longitude and latitude.

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